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  • What are the objectives of the Coalition?
    The objectives of the coalition include: To unify the community and advocate for our collective needs with the city, chamber of commerce, and other organizations. To empower our community of small business owners through support, resources, knowledge, and education for success. To strengthen our resiliency. To create a space where we can THRIVE together and thus help our neighbors thrive too. To innovate and solve problems together as neighbors… with kindness, unity, and collaboration. To restore the sense of community in West Hollywood by helping ensure the success of our small businesses.
  • Is the Small Business Coalition funded by the chamber or by the City of West Hollywood?
    No. The Small Business Coalition is an independent movement created for West Hollywood Small Business Owners BY West Hollywood Small Business Owners.
  • We have the Chamber of Commerce, why do we need a Coalition?
    The Coalition is created specifically to unite and deal with the unique challenges that we are facing as small business owners, where the Chamber of Commerce has a very broad focus. The Coalition has been forged as a way for small business owners to come together and support one another and foster community both between business owners and also with the community at large.
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